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Thus, the individual appears to be becoming the measure of all things, with the primacy of individual rights, so much so that one can wonder is there is not also a privatisation of civil status.

In a similar vein, there is a tendency to changes in the way the human body is apprehended, by a gradual erosion of the theory of the inalienability of the human body in favour of a theory, or at least a phenomenon, of objectification of the human body, whether one's own of that of another.

Consequently, it is plain that the analysis of these phenomena the primacy of the individual and the objectification of the human body is beyond the scope of Law and belongs to the ethical dimension. The approach therefore needs to be trans-disciplinary, as each discipline is in position to contribute to the discussion. Nevertheless, and this is to be welcomed, the scope of reflexion is not exhausted by the present paper.

For instance, what are the appropriate outcomes for minor children and protected adults? Toute référence à cet article doit porter mention: Evol Psychiatr ;80 2: Cookies are used by this site.

For more information, visit the cookies page. Abstract Objectives This article recalls the legal requirements for a changing legal gender on official identity documents for transsexual persons in France and possible evolutions, under the influence of international legal norms and especially the influence of European legislations.

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