An afternoon at the gym

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An afternoon at the gym

It was my birthday, I think, and it was a cold grey day outside, Kelley was going to the /gym/">gym, to do some exercises as therapy for his back. I didn't want to stay at home because our neighbor was a pervert and I didn't want to be there, alone when he was there. So I thought it might be fun to go with him as I have never been to a gym before. It was pretty cool, all the mirrors and workout machines, and I might even get to see a few hot guys, all sweaty and, well you know, lol. Kelley stripped down to his swimming trunks, and started doing bench presses and other things on the machines. Funny, the music in the gym was Sade. Well the music was getting me a little worked up and then, well, the guys too.

We spent an hour or so working out and I couldn't help but watching Kelley and the 3 other guys in the gym lifting weights in their swimming trunks and watching them in the mirrors that surrounded us on the gym walls. It was all making me a bit hot and bothered. The 3 other guys were in their 30's and by anybodies standards were /gorgeous/">gorgeous to put it mildly. Kelley couldn't help but notice me noticing what was going on so he, from time to time, would rub his hands on my legs affectionately and I would in turn rub him lightly with massage oil to keep him limbered up, and soothing his working muscles. I guess we were being a bit obvious as we were also catching the eyes of the other guys, as I noticed that their swimsuits were a bit fuller now. Of course the other guys were playing the game too, as one secretly slid his suit a bit lower on his hips showing that favorite view of mine which would be that little Vee just below a guys stomach revealing his tan line. It was becoming a bit obvious that there was a little chemistry going on here. as I fantasized a bit about what could happen, if I wanted it too, and with the music and all, I wanted it to.

Kelley knew what was on my mind, as he stripped down and went into the shower room, which was a large room with just a wall as a barrier and 10, or so, shower heads. One at a time the 3 other guys went into the shower too slipping their suits off just before they disappeared behind the wall giving me a little cheesecake. This was all getting to be too much for me as I could feel my shorts getting a bit damp. I sat for a few minutes and couldn't stand it any longer, so I tip toed over to the shower wall and peeked around the corner, and there were the 4 of them naked as jaybirds all showering, and buff as hell. Damn what's a girl to do, so I kept peeking. I slipped my shoes off, and ran my hands down my shorts to try and cool the fire down below. I kept watching, and noticed mirrors on the shower wall so I old waman xxxgx could watch their reflections secretly. I slipped my bra off and tossed it onto our towels, and fondled my breasts, as I watched the show. Again I slipped my hands down my shorts and slipped a finger in myself and teased my clit.

I couldn't stop looking thru the steam at Kel and these 3 guys and by this time I was getting so worked up I didn't care if they did see me, but what I didn't see was the mirrors on the other wall and I saw one of the guys watching me play with myself. He smiled at me and winked, as I licked my finger and sucked on it a bit.

Finally I couldn't resist the temptation and just walked into the shower, clothes and all. The other guys turned around and smiled as I could see their growing interest at having a lady in the shower with them. They turned the rest of the shower heads on till we were in a virtual waterfall of hot water. What the hell, so I slipped off my top and took off my shorts and walked into the water with them. One of them handed me a bar of soap, so I stepped back and began slowly soaping myself down, starting with my breasts bokep sma pecah perawan and then my inner thighs, and then back to slipping my finger back into my pussy. I handed one of them the soap, and without a word he began soaping my back and then gently ran his hands over my ass and then in between my legs. They all moved toward me and surrounded me like a pack of wolves and all started to caress my wet body from head to toe. One of the guys ran out into the gym and came back with a bottle of massage oil, and they passed it around covering me and themselves with it. 8 hands covered my body massaging me inside and out and rubbing the oil all over me. I writhed in /ecstasy/">ecstasy as I felt their fingers slipping inside me, and got off 3 times just from their hands being on me and the thought of their cocks so close to me. I, in turn, took the oil and massaged all of their cocks and bodies as they continued to caress me. I whimpered as I continued to have little orgasms, awaiting the them to start fucking the daylights out of me. One of them looked at me and said, Condoms? I smiled and said to them "Personally I like fucking bareback, anyone game? Anyway it's a terrible waste of /latex/">latex, and why waste the cum? I winked"

I knelt down and took them one at a time in my mouth, as they continued to pour oil on me and rub me everywhere. One laid between my legs and massaged my clit with his tongue. Their hands were wonderful, and it was like they didn't have to enter me at all as I was getting off every ten seconds at this point.. I was cuming constantly, out of breath and in complete ecstasy.

Then one guy stood in front of me as the others helped me onto the bench. His 9" cock was straight up and awaiting me, so I wrapped my legs around him and put my arms around his neck and slid down his oiled body as his cock slipped right into my pussy and I took all of him in me. We rhythmically moved with each other, as I felt him deep inside me. After a few minutes he lifted me on to the next one till I had ridden each one in the air and cumming at least twice with each one. As I was fucking one, the others steadied me me and massaged me with more oil and massaged my breast and clit and anything else that was available.. I was out of breath, and so sensitive I thought I was going to explode.

They stood me up on the floor and Kelley led me to a bench that had the most water raining down on it then gently gently laid me on my back and opened my legs. I watched as he slipped his cock in me, and started thrusting as hard as he could, fucking me till he got off in me. The others held my legs open gently and one kissed me passionately. I felt around till I found a cock and slipped it into my mouth. I felt another slip into my pussy as I started to move my hips taking him in me all the way. After a few minutes I felt another enter my pussy filling me up as I kept thrusting harder and harder. The man in my mouth came as I swallowed him and his cum. I felt two cocks slip in my pussy and then both came together in me. I was writhing in delight as another cock entered me, probably Kelley again or maybe more had joined us, I didn't care. He trust deep into me as I entertained several of the other drained cocks in my mouth. I felt the cock in my pussy explode as another man entered me immediately. We tried every position known and some that weren't known.

I put my hand up, as to stopped them for a moment so I could kneel down on the floor in the doggie position so they then could fuck me in my favorite position.. For me it was an almost constant orgasm, as each one took his turn in me. They fucked me for almost and hour, till all the hot water had run out. I had never felt anything like this before, it was almost like a near death experience, and pleasure that was almost unbearable. I think they all just ran out of cum, as only the one guy that had pulled his suit down a bit in the gym, laid me on my back and fucked me one more time. We all laid in the shower floor exhausted, and laughing. I asked them how they knew I would be into that? One guy smiled and said that Kelley had mentioned that if you saw us all naked, you wouldn't be able to resist.

As we walked out into the gym, they was an older man sitting at the desk. Everybody looked rather pale as we thought we had locked the doors. Like an idiot I asked him who he was and he responded, that he owned the place. I said oppppps, sorry. He said that it was alright but he was just /sad/">sad he hadn't been here earlier. What, I asked, would you have joined in? He nodded, your a beautiful lady, especially when your naked and having a continuous orgasm. "Would you like one more baby?"

I felt like a real shit, so I walked over to a pool table and laid down, and said, "I sure would!"

He didn't waste any time, and the thought of one more, turned me on so much I got off as I laid down on the pool table. He played with me a bit and then fucked me for about 10 minutes and then, pulled out and asked if he could cum on my face. I sucked him till he did just that, and I even got off without him in me.

I was happy, and they gave me a robe to wear home. As I was about to leave, the owner of the gym asked me how I liked my first gang bang. I looked at him and smiled and said "Sir that wasn't a gang bang, that was sex the way it should be." He asked if they would be seeing us again, and I answered, "You Bet"

The guys got dressed and went on our merry way. Would I ever do that again? Probably not but it was so spontaneous, yeah I probably would do it again.

So the moral of this story is for the ladies. If you ever are at the gym with your hubby and you look around, and see 4 half naked men looking like the Olympic triathlon team, go ahead and jump in the shower with them, and if your very lucky, very very lucky, you'll have an afternoon like I did.