Never enough

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Never enough

Gina Whittleson simply enjoyed sex. She reveled in it and sought it, if only for it's pure excitement and pleasure. She had always enjoyed sex even from that /first-time/">first time back in seventh grade.

She had never lacked for partners. Her 5'-10" tall body was near perfection with long, well formed legs and a nice derriere, smallish breasts and long, black hair in a pony tail. Her face was light ivory with blue eyes and feminine features that spoke of her need for sex. She was beautiful. . .

So it was that Hans Shultz nude body rested over hers with his cock buried to the hilt in her willing pussy in room 203 of the Brookside hotel. As they momentarily rested, he looked down at her face and grinned. . . ”You like it, don't you?” he intoned, ”Well, we”re not done yet!”

Gina smiled back as she said, ”I hope not.”

Then, the action continued as it had for the previous several minutes with Hans thrusting hard and fast into her and she responding in kind. The action abated only long enough for Gina to reach her first orgasm before continuing as before.

There was no kissing or tender caresses here; only straight /fucking/hard-fucking/">hard fucking, as the pair continued their violent action. Then, Gina peaked again and they continued as before.

”You like it don't you?” Hans asked.

”Yeh! I love it!” Gina responded.

Then, just as Gina was about to erupt into her third peak, she heard Hans say, ”I'm gonna” cum.”

Finally in a final triumphant blaze of passion, they peaked together and quickly fell together exhausted. As Hans lay, totally fatigued, on top of Gina, and she lay quietly beneath him she felt his additional weight and said, ”Get off of me. You”re too heavy!”

With that Hans arose from the bed and removed the used condom before going to he bathroom to clean himself. As he washed himself in the unfamiliar bathroom, he hear Gina enter her shower and went back to the bedroom to collect his clothing from where they”d fallen the night before; then dressed. Then he waited.

As Gina came from the bathroom, dressed in a robe for warmth, he offered a crisp, ”Good Night!”and departed the apartment.

Gina quickly dressed as she thought, ”If I get to the BaudyX before 2 o”clock closing, I can still make a date with Marty, the bar tender.”

It was just 12:20 when Gina arrived at the BaudyX club only to find Marti involved with a younger, blond woman. Then, a quiick survey of the place told her there were no more opportunities for her to complete her mission there. She sat quietly, defeated, and Marti brought her a G & T on the house.

It was as she sipped her strong drink that she saw him arrive. . . tall, well built, probably 200 pounds of muscle, but nothing particular to set him aside as special in the eyes of a woman. She was about to ignore him when she re-thought her situation. It was late and she was horny.

She raised her eyes and met his as he approached the bar. The eyes made an open invitation to the man that he simply couldn't refuse and he stopped at the table to address her. ”Name's Vance,” he said, but the ladies call me Van. . . and who might you be?”

I'm Gina. Have a seat.” she said as she indicated a seat at her table. As he sat she asked, ”Are you alone?

”Yes. I'm alone.”

”Do you want to be?”

”Not particularly. I”d like the company of a good woman like yourself this evening.”

”My apartment's a short two blocks from here. Want to join me?” Gina said.

”Love to.” came the reply

Ten minutes later, as they entered the apartment, Gina had expected this stranger to pounce on her and she”d have to fight him off to allow her time to prepare for their meeting. Instead, Van had entered the apartment and glanced about as if surveying the area to collect information on her; then, turned and embraced her in a casual, friendly fashion and moved to her small living room.

Again their eyes met and this time Gina felt the heat of the attraction between them. He may be slow but he was good! He hadn't even touched her and she had felt his passion. Then, as heir eyes met in open invitation, they met in an embrace and kissed again and Gina decided this was going to be a really outstanding lover. . .

He moved slowly from kissing and caressing as he unbuttoned her shirt and unzipped her skirt to massaging her breasts over her bra. Then, as he positioned her on the bed and clothing continued to fall, Van applied his lips to her now erect nipples. Gina reaffirmed that he was extremely good at seduction.

Then, when his thumbs spread her labia and his mouth began to minister to the soft, inner flesh of her vestibule, she was sure that he was good. . .the best! She”d been eaten before but never like this. . .

When Van donned a rubber and moved over her on he bed, between her widely splayed legs, she was ready and willing as the lubrication dripped from her vagina.

It was then that she felt it. It seemed rather large as it toyed in her vestibule to sop up lubrication! Then, she felt the crown of his cock move towards her pussy and realized that the man-meat about to enter her was huge. With realization came concern. Surely, he”d injure her if he tried to force an entry. . .she started to resist.

Then just as she started to resist, /big/big-cocks/the-big-cock/">the big cock slipped into her. The pain was bearable as the big shaft continued it's journey and along with the pain came the intense pleasure. She stopped resisting.

Then, she felt the crown against her cervix and he still had an inch or two to go for full penetration. She cried out for Van to stop.

So, they lay with Gina's vagina completely filled, and allowed the big phallus to receive adequate lubrication before starting their coitus. . .

After only a moment, it started. . .the thrusting and counter-thrusting and the steady rhythm of coitus as they moved in concert.

As Gina felt the intense pleasure of the /cock/big-cock/">big cock in her vagina, she thought, ”Who says size doesn't matter? They must be /crazy/">crazy!” It did matter to Gina and in a big way as she felt the delicious sensations coming emanating from her groin. .

Scarcely into the act Gina felt her first orgasm roll through her like thunder over the plains. It was powerful . .. one of her most powerful ever and Van seemed to know just how to give her the support she needed for her best possible sensation.

A minute or two later, a second orgasm rolled over her and drove her to the edge of reason. She /hung/">hung desperately to her rational mind set as her wild sensations overtook her again.

It must have been Van's big tool that was binging her to such heights and now, it was holding her there. This time, she didn't come off the erotic high but simply continued to enjoy a continuing high until her power of reason totally left her and she became an irrational, animal ..

Now! Acting on animal instinct alone, her passions continued to rise. . Above her Van continued his steady gait. He was enjoying the effect he was having on her. . . Gina was histo use and he would do it!

Then, Van said simply, ”I'm gonna cum!” and he dropped his load deep into the confines of the condom deep in her belly.

It might have ended there and Gina would have been well satisfied but it didn't When Van doffed the rubber and cleaned himself, he was already fully re-charged and ready for another round. He moved to Gina, on the bed, kissed her deeply and moved over her again.

Again, Gina was ready and willing as he drove his giant willy into her pussy. She responded with a zesty exuberance and they were into coitus again. They played to each other and Gina soon marveled at his staying power as his steel /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock drove into her steadily and she soon felt her peak. Van was the most man she”d known in a long time and she reveled in it.

Minutes passed as she began to feel the aches and pains of tired muscles and Van's thrusting continued unabated. More time passed and she was now really hurting now. Finally she could take no more and cried out, ”Stop! I'm hurting and my muscles and joints just can't take any more.”

But, Van did not stop. Instead, he gripped Gina tightly and rolled so that she was on top. There he commanded, ”Now, it's your turn. You fuck me for a change.”

Gina, using different muscles found the needed relief and moved to ride him cowgirl style. She liked this position and with the big tool that impaled her she anticipated more pleasure and after only half a dozen reciprocating thrusts on to him she felt it again. . .she was about to cum. . ..

With her approaching orgasm, Gina began to put forth her maximum effort. She fucked like never before and her release came suddenly; then, she found herself riding even harder and making greater demands on the hard shaft that impaled her as she approached another peak. Rational thinking became difficult. . .

It was as her powers of reason were completely overcome with animal instinct that fatigue overtook her and she collapsed on to Van's belly, exhausted. Van, who had been resting from his lower position simply grabbed her and rolled her over again.

Then, with him back on top, he began thrusting more violently and pushing the helpless Gina into the mattress. At this point she was oblivious to pain and pleasure as she endured the violent pounding and cried out in soft guttural tones. . .

When she felt Van's body stiffen and jerk, she welcomed the relief. It was over. . . When he arose and removed the used condom, she was glad. She was glad that he”d soon be dressed and gone. He could let himself out.

She slept!

With morning, Gina slept soundly and only later, closer to mid-day did she begin to stir. First, came awareness that she was coming out of her deep sleep; then, the shades of black and white as her mind adjusted. Then the black and white slowly took on shapes and color and finally sound as her eyes popped open.

Only then did she attempt to move. Only then did she realize the pain in her bones and muscles that she had incurred the previous night. Only then did she realize the stinging pain in her full hd xvideo download vestibule and vagina from the chaffing it had received from the friction the night before. Only then, did she feel the whisker burns on her neck and cheeks from the previous evening.

She moaned as she tried to sit up in bed and put her /feet/">feet on the floor. Then, she cried out as she attempted to stand. her aches and pains had never been worse as her body tried to defend and heal itself.

After heating coffee in the microwave and toasting a bagel she sat for breakfast. . .then, after taking Ibuprofen, returned to her bed and lay quietly as she recalled the previous night . . Van had been a fantastic lover and she”d certainly like to entertain him again - after she healed from her present circumstances, of course. His cock had been huge and she took pride in her ability to manage it. . .

Then, as she contemplated the previous night, she fell asleep and her free porn movies download pain was hidden under the mantle of sleep.

It was late afternoon when Gina was awakened by the sound of her telephone ringing. She moved. enduring her many aches and pins to answer and finally got a good grasp on the handste.

”Hell, This is Gina.”

”Hi! This is Hans and I was feeling horny. Areyou up for a romp?”

Gina heard herself answering, ”Sure, Come on over. . . .”