Beach Boy

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Beach Boy

I had a /bad/">bad week @ work. So I decided to go the beach and relax last Friday afternoon after getting a nice long /shower/hot-shower/">hot shower @ the motel room. My boyfriend wasn?t working on my crew this week and I had been horny all week long.

 I arrived @ the beach around 7pm. I decided I would walk some, which I did. It was getting dark so I decided I had better turn around and start walking back towards my truck. I soon ran into this /cute/">cute young jock. He was not more than 19 indian santali xvideo years old I know. I spoke to him and he did the same. He was so /gorgeous/">gorgeous. I proceeded towards my truck. Upon getting to the parking lot where I had parked, I lit up a cigarette. I noticed that this jock was walking back towards me. I didn?t think anything about it, until he walked up towards me and asked if he could have a cigarette. I asked him if he was old enough. He said sure, I?m 19. Exactly what I had thought. Anyway I gave him one and he thanked me. 

He said that he had to hit the showers because he had been surfing earlier and wanted to wash the salt water off of himself. I sat on the tailgate of my truck and smoke my cigarette. It was almost completely dark and the moon was shinning on the open waters of the ocean. It was a beautiful site. I was enjoying hearing the sound of the waters hitting the shore when all of a sudden I heard something. I turned, and it was this guy again. He asked if he could get another cigarette from me, so I gave him another. I asked him where his vehicle was because I then noticed that I was the only vehicle in the parking lot. He said that he and a friend were together earlier, but that his friend got pissed @ him and left him by himself. He said that he had his bag with his clothes he brought and his surfboard. We started talking. 

He said that he lived in Brunswick and worked @ a local fast food restaurant. He said that he had started college and that his high school friend and him had always been close until he came onto him. I thought what the hell. I don?t know this guy from anyone and he?s telling me he?s gay. I said, what did you say. He said never mind. I knew then he thought he had over stepped his boundaries. I thought this is my chance, Chad has been gone all week and I?m so horny, and this 19 yo must be too. I told this I?m Nick, he said his name was Scott. I told him that I was glad to meet him. 

I told him that I owned a construction company and was always looking for new help. We talked about this for sometime and I asked Scott if he would like to walk on the beach somemore with me. He said sure. We walked on the beach and were talking about the construction company when I asked him how long he had known he was gay. Scott became very quite. I told Scott that I had heard him earlier when he made the commit about himself coming onto his friend. He looked @ me and said since I was 15. That was my first experience with a guy and I liked it better than my girlfriend. I said cool. He looked shocked. He said I know that you aren?t gay Nick, are you? I said, well Scott, I was married for 18 years, and it fell apart, so I decided to try /pussy/boy-pussy/">boy pussy and loved it better. Scott smiled as we walked on down the beach. I noticed in the moonlight that his cock had started getting hard within his shorts. I asked Scott what he liked to do sexually. He said that he loved kissing, body contact, sucking and getting fucked. 

I thought, this is my chance! I grabbed Scott?s arm, and turned him around and started kissing him. He immediately pulled away. I thought, oh shit! He said Nick, I , I, I mean did you just do what I think you did. I said I sure did Scott. Why? You didn?t like it. He said yea, but out here on the beach man, we might get caught. I said, who is going to see us, the sea monster? Then I grabbed him again and started kissing him passionately. I pressed my body towards his and felt his hardened cock next to mine. I started easing my hand into his shorts, damn, that boy was /hung/">hung. I quit kissing him and pulled his shorts down. His cock sprang out. It was @ least 10 inches. I asked him how hung he was. He said around 10. I told him that I was 8 ? uncut. He grabbed @ my zipper and undid it very quickly and pulled out my semi erect cock and immediately took it into his moist mouth. It felt so great. He sucked me for sometime and I jacked @ his cock. I then pulled Scott to me and we both fell to the sand. 

I was playing with his ass while kissing him passionately. He was moaning like alain lyle porn /crazy/">crazy. I rolled him over and slid my cock into the crack of his ass. I then shoved all my cock up this guys cunt. He was so hot. I started pounding his ass in the edge of the water. He started moaning and telling me to fuck him harder. I couldn?t believe what was happening. I thought, damn, I?m in love again! He was more defined than Chad and had a beautiful happy trail with a slightly hairy chest. He was a gorgeous boy. I fucked him for about 15 minutes or so. Then I rolled him over on his back and slid back into his /hole/tight-hole/">tight hole. He started stroking his cock. I could tell he was getting close, so I started fucking him harder. I could feel my balls tighten. I then slammed into his ass all the way up to my balls and emptied a hot load of my cum into him. He came instantly all over him and me. I couldn?t believe that I was still hard, so I started fucking him again. I was exhausted so I rolled him back over on his side and fucked him from behind for another 30 minutes @ least until I came in him again. I just left my dick in Scott until it softened back up. Scott turned over and kissed me deeply. He told me how he really enjoyed this. 

He said that he had never been cum in before and it felt great. I told him that I was disease free. He said that he figured that I was, or I wouldn?t have done it. I helped Scott up and we went back to the showers to clean up. I invited Scott to my motel that night. We fucked 7 more times during the night. I came in him each time. He is so hot. I have now hired Scott and he is living with Chad and myself. We are all lovers now. He fucks Chad while I fuck him. This just couldn?t have worked out any better.