the new girlfriend part2

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the new girlfriend part2

Note : This story is completely fictional!

After falling asleep i woke up again, finding myself tucked into katies bed. her pink soft sheets gently against my body, with the scent of girl. i looked down at my body and noticed i was still wearing that tiny pink g-string.. it wasnt a dream. The next minute Kate walked in. "morning sissy" she said as she opened the curtains.."morning" i yawned. "todays a big day for you, isnt it slut?" she said.. "what do you mean?" i asked.."well... ive decided for the next 7 days, your living her. however, im going to turn you into a girl. ive never done it before and would really like to try it out" she said..."WHAT!?" i asked..

I wasnt going to do that, the pink g-string and fucking myself with a vibrator was enough.."i dont think you have much of a choice" katie said with a stern voice..i began to think how good it felt last night and how much fun it was.. and stupidly again, my dick came before my brain and i said "ok"..."brillant" she said as she gave a cheeky smile.."follow me to the bathroom hun" i stood up and felt my knees wobble.. i was still in xnxxv sunny leone video shock from the pleasure i got last night..i followed her down the big hallways to the bright white bathroom. and inside a bath allready ran, with pink water and bubble, the girly smell of perfume was in the air.."get in slut" she demanded.. i slid off the g-string and slowly placed myself in the bath.."ok now, to get rid of all that hair" she said as she grabbed my right leg and brought it outside the bath. she picked up a razor and began to slowly shave away all my hair on my leg.. it was so degrading.. boys didnt have smoothe legs.. not anyway, it felt so weird. after finishing both of my legs she handed me the razor and told me to do my dick and ball.."oh and dont forget your ass sissy" she felt so weird after, my dick.. my balls.. my ass.

All smoothe, like a girl. she continued with the razor doing under my armpits and anywhere else there was hair.. "oo i am glad your not a aswell" she laughed...i was hairless.. complete hairless. well.. apart from my hair. (said that too soon) the next minute she brought my out the bath and placed a pink fluffy towel around me.."sit slut" she said. and placed me on the toilet cover. "i hope you dont mind" she said as she began to shave my was never too long, and i had shaved it before. so i wasnt too fussed. after my hair was hardly gone, she knelt down infront of me in her tank top and shorts. and began to pluck my eye brows. "your going to look beautiful" she said. she finished off and showed me myself in the mirror..i didnt look to different... young.. and hairless and my eye brows looked girly. but not too , thankfully. "hmmm now then.. " she said as she walked off down the hallway and back.

This time carrying to large fake breasts...oh god, i thought. "you've got to be kidding me" i said.. "shh" she demanded.. she placed the too breasts against my flat one to see if they were right.."perfect" she smiled as she picked up some body glue from the side..she began to pour it over the flat side of the breast and then firly stuck it to my chest..each breast fit perfect and the glue held them down tightly.. you could hardly see a cap. but never the less she bag to apply a light coating of liquid latex to fill the dark line in and moulding them to my body... flawless, she did a amazing job.. they looked like real tits.. it honestly look like i had DD boobs..she stood me up again and make me look in the mirror.. OK now a difference.. i saw a girl.. she had .. a small body, thin and fit. "eeee! my fave part now" she screamed as she wrapped the towel back around me and made me follow her to 'my room' i looked down and saw my pressed against the towel.. this was incredible, i saw my clevage and a tiny bit of nipple poking out of the towel. She stood me in the middle of her bedroom and began to look in her wardrobe and drawers..."ooooo! this one" she giggled.. as she the familar sight of her turning around with a tiny little black g-string in her hands..this time instead of a butterfly. all three strings bet above the butt crack. and a little metal pink love heart charm dangled from the back.."bra now!" she said as she ran around the room. suddenly looking down on the tiny lacey g-string i began to get that same warm tingly feeling in my belly.

I was being turned into a girl by a girl i had only met for 2 days now..i was going to spend this entire week, sleeping, breathing, eating and fucking as a girl..what a sexy thought. as i came back i was met by katie wrapping a lacey black matching bra around my . as she fastend it i felt my boobs pinch and move together, it created clevage... i was silent as she proceeded. she grabbed some see through flesh coloured tights out her draw and passed them too me. "All girlys wear tights!" she giggled. i slowly pulled them up my legs, i felt the strange material completely mould to my legs, ass and bulge.."skirt time!" she said as she passed me the same pink frilled skirt she wore yesterday.."i pulled it up, and realised that was what i was going to wear for the day...i still felt naked.. it was a thrill. "arms up".."yes Miss" we both said as she slid a white blouse/shirt over me, i felt my tits push the shirt out.

Such a weird feeling. She undid a few buttons till it bearly coverd my bra. a slight bit of lacey black bra was showing...following this came some black glossy small but.. still big to me. heels and a gold necklace and rings. "ok sissy! makeup and hair time" she said as she sat me down at her makeup desk.. she was having far too much fun. she placed a very soft, exspencive blonde long natural curly wig on my head.. and wow... i saw a girl, that was it, i saw a real forced anal against her will girl in the makeup mirror..a girl.. that i might of fucked, if i was not a boy (and her). she then applied foundation, lipstick, blusher, false eye lashes, false red nails and two gold earings.."ive done it! ive made you into a ..there is no flaws, you could pass" she said with a smile on her face.."do you like it?" she asked.."yes Miss" i said.. "i love it" she ran up and gave me a hug. "yey! now though.. its time to go shopping for some girly things" she whisperd into my ear in a sex tone. "but before that.. bend over slut" she orderd. i bent over onto the bed, my stuck out of my skirt and you could see my little black g-string through my tights.."the new rule is you dont leave the house without one of these, unless told otherwise" she said as she held a medium sized pink buttpplug in her hand. she came up behind me and pulled my tights down and my thong to the side..oh god yes! i thought, i had only done anal last night. it was all still new to me. i got a huge rush and my dick became stiff.

I could hardly remember what it felt like.. she poured some strawberry lube on the buttplug and began to push it against my shaven asshole " you like that dont you slut? this is the i get you shove something your pussy" she said in a angry tone.. "yes Miss please, put it in" i moaned, my asshole relaxed and i felt the soft buttplug slowly slide gently into my ass, i felt that same... popping feeling as the thickest end went in. All that was left was the base of the buttplug. sticking out. my asshole was tightly gripped around the plug..suddenly she drew out a small controller and pressed it once, i felt a powerfull vibrator move through my body from my ass.. oh god, it was a vibrating plug!

And she was in control. i fell on the floor in pleasure "AHHHH YESS!" i moaned. she stood me back up and pulled my thong back so it was against the plug then pulled my tights up and slapped my ass...the vibrations stopped. "now, i think you should practice walking in those shoes and wearing that buttplug for a hour.. you'll need to get used to it.. were going into the city to buy you some clothes and toys. its going to be fun and im sure we'll get up to some naughty buisness.." she said as she walked off into her room. there i stood, dressed head to toe as a girl. mini skirt, g-string.. tits, and my 'pussy' plugged. i was ready to hit the city!

thanks guys! sorry about the grammar and spelling again.
ill do part 3 soon, i hope your enjoying it!